Thursday, August 2, 2012

Home Tour: Our Bedroom

All of the school-related things have kept me pretty really busy this week, and I'm itching to make/photograph something.  The closest I got this week was to snap a few pictures of our bedroom for the beginning of our home tour!  

I really love our little home, and we have had so much fun making it ours.  One of my favorite spots is our bedroom.  I love to cluster similar items, and I have done it throughout our house.  (See the vintage cameras on the headboard, and the W's on our wall?)  
Scarves are one of my favorite accessories, and they make pretty decorations, too!  I have these three hooks on a wall in our bedroom, and I change my scarves out with the season.  This makes them easily accessible and a sweet display!
I also like to save sentimental things.  The trees on our bedside tables are centerpieces we made for our wedding.  I used to use them for a jewelry stand, but I have a little bronze tree (bottom left) for that now.  I also really like to display my perfume-the bottles are just so lovely!  I made a 3 dollar stand (top right) by adhering two plates to a candlestick.  All the items came from the dollar store, so it was such a cheap fix!

What are you proud of in your home?


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