Monday, July 23, 2012

Mod-Podge Mondays: Insta-Coasters

Today I've got a super easy project with really cute results.  
I'm slightly addicted to Instagram (follow me!), and I love that I can print my pictures and have them in my home now through Postal Pix.  If you have never used Postal Pix before download it now.  Seriously.  Download it right now.

Our house is covered in Instagram pictures thanks to Postal Pix, and I'm always trying to find new ways to display them.   This weekend I decided to make some coasters to show off a few of my favorites.

What you'll need:
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Your favorite Postal Pix prints
  • 4x4 tiles (these cost 50 cents or so)
  • Felt feet
  • Mod-Podge
I started by cutting scrapbook paper to fit my tiles.  I chose a really simple one with tan polka dots, to give the background of my coasters a little something extra.  Mod-podge the pieces on and let dry.  Next I used Mod-Podge to adhere the Postal-Pix to my tiles.  I put five layers on, letting the coasters dry between each layer.  This gave my coasters a seal that will protect the prints, even from the perspiration from a moist glass.
Once they were totally dry I added some felt feet to protect my furniture.  So easy!  

I thought about how cute this would be as a backsplash too.  Maybe a little busy, but my house is full of happy clutter!

 Scrapbook layer first.
 If you've never used Mod-Podge on photos, it will look white.  Don't panic! It will turn clear as it dries. 
 Final product:

What do you do with your Postal-Pix?  If you have a project let me know, I'd love to feature you on my blog!

Happy Monday!

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