Sunday, October 7, 2012

Craft fairs!

Ashley and I have done our first (2) craft fairs!  Two weekends ago we were in Inman, SC for Harvest Day, and yesterday we set up in Easley, SC.  We have had SO much fun preparing, working together, and meeting people over the last few weeks.  We still have a lot to do, but we are learning so much along the way!

Next week we will be setting up in Landrum, SC.  If you're anywhere nearby, come check us out! 

One day we might not have to set up at craft fairs only...if anyone has an empty store front that they want to let us set up shop in for free, we'll gladly accept! ;)

Silly things, like diamond rings
Fall between, other things like you and I
We used to have a coffee pot, we used it alot
To sit around and talk about, everything
We'll always want, but we'll never get
But a dreamers still a dreamer, till you wake them up
And sit them down and explain to them
The sky is up and the earth is down
Amongst other things, like human beings
They really aren't what they seem
-Wild Child

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